The Importance of Washing

In food factories, washing plays a crucial role in removing hazards from products.

The Hazards of Products in Food Processing

① Biological Hazards

Contamination by microbes (bacteria and viruses) → food poisoning

② Physical Hazards

Contamination by physical substances → foreign matter (solids)
Contamination by allergens

③ Chemical Hazards

Contamination by chemicals (residual, contamination from other sources, or misuse)

There are 5 main purposes of cleaning at food factories.

  1. To remove microbes, their nutrient sources, and habitats
  2. Insect and rodent control (removal of nutrient sources, nests, and outbreaks)
  3. To prevent contamination by foreign objects or substances
  4. To maintain normal operation of machinery and equipment
  5. To ensure a safe working environment