We offer the optimal cleaning system based on our wealth of experience and trust

CREO has been involved in the aesthetics, sanitation, and environment of food factories since our establishment in 1976. CREO is no. 1 in the container washer industry, with an overwhelming market share.

CREO washers have been installed in more than 10,000 locations, primarily in the food industry.

Using expertise and knowledge gained at numerous sites, we offer cleaning systems that utilize washing machines and tools suited to what you will be washing, the level of grime, number of items, space available, and usage conditions.

The action of the washing machine and the action of the detergent combine to create a high-quality cleaning system.

When using a washing machine to clean, the action of the washer and the action of the detergent are key.

With our wealth of experience and wide range of products in the field of washing machines, CREO is highly selective when it comes to detergents. We use our expertise on how to get the most out of everything to facilitate optimal sanitation, which is essential for maintaining the quality of our customer’s products.