Washing Solutions by CREO

Pallet Washing Pallet Washing
Container Washing Container Washing
Foldable Container Washing Foldable Container Washing

Information on how to use plastic pallets, which have seen skyrocketing demand in recent years, in a safer and more hygienic manner.

All about washing machines for shipping containers that are used in a wide range of industries. Understand more about the convenient features for washing containers.

Information on the hygienic use of foldable containers. We also provide a thorough explanation of special equipment, from washers to dryers.

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Parts Box Washing Parts Box Washing
Utensil Washing Utensil Washing
All Kinds of Washing All Kinds of Washing

An introduction to the process of cleaning the parts boxes used in the machine industry and more. Specialized washing machine features are also explained in detail.

An introduction to washing the various utensils used in the food industry and more. You’ll also find an explanation of washing machines available for different uses and types of business.

An explanation of how various items are washed, such as baking pans and dough boxes used in bread production or crates used in the beverage industry.

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