Saving Labor and Improving Efficiency in Washing

Are you struggling to find workers to perform washing? We offer a way to save labor and improve efficiency in washing.

Having a machine wash items that were previously hand-washed reduces hours spent washing. Not only does this help with labor shortages, but it also improves sanitation and prevents contamination.

Washing Solutions by CREO


Leave Your Washing to CREO

CREO solves your washing worries from 3 angles: tangible, intangible, and maintenance.

We offer the ideal washing machine and detergent from our wide range of products based on what you are washing and the extent of the grime, and also propose the ideal cleaning method based on our wealth of experience.
Leave Your Washing Needs to CREO.

*Detergent sales and maintenance are performed in Japan only.

Washing Solutions by CREO


Cleaning All Kinds of Logistics Containers

Leave your logistics containers to CREO! Take a look at case studies of washing different kinds of containers for logistics.

CREO provides meticulous support for washing folding containers and other kinds of containers used in logistics. Gain knowledge not only of plastic containers, but how to wash shipping cases as well.

Washing Solutions by CREO


Pallet Washer Line

Making pallets cleaner and higher quality! Leave your pallet washing to CREO.

Gain knowledge from these detailed descriptions of cleaning procedures for pallet washing lines, essential for improving quality in logistics. You can also see how various pallets are cleaned.

Pallet Washing


Parts Box Washers

In this age, even parts boxes require high quality cleaning! CREO effortlessly removes grease and grime.

Before and after cleaning of stubborn grease stains. CREO’s washing machines remove grease utilizing powerful, high-volume water spray, and dry utilizing powerful, high-volume air. Be sure to check out the return conveyor, which can be operated by a single worker.

Parts Box Washing


Logistics Container Washing System

The distribution containers are ready to be used again! No detail is overlooked.

Presenting the logistic container washing process. View a total system in which stacked containers are separated, then reversed for residue removal, washed, rinsed, spun dry, then stacked again.

Container Washing


Energy Saving in Logistics Container Washing

Creative ways to create efficiency at every step of the process! Waste has been thoroughly eliminated.

See examples of energy saving in the process of washing, spin drying, and stacking logistics containers, such as filtering and reusing water used to rinse containers and efficient water drainage using a centrifuge.


All Kinds of Washing Machines

As what you wash changes, so does the washing machine! We present a diverse range of washing machines.

Introducing a wide range of washing machines such as container and pallet washers, meat wagon washers, drum washers, and polyethylene tank washers. Browse CREO’s excellent range of products, researched and developed with a focus on cleaning.

All Kinds of Washing