Utensil Washing

Leave It To Me! Cleaning And Sterilization Of Food Factories

A wide variety of washing machines to meet a wide array of your needs!

Washing & Sterilization
Utensil Washer KAGAYAKI

  • Can be connected to a water sterilizer.
    Washes, rinses, then sprays with sterilized water.
  • Ideal for washing rice ball mould parts.
  • Sanitary piping is used for the plumbing within the machine.
    The inside of the machine itself is designed for easy washing.
  • Sterilized water
  • Sanitary Pipe
  • Rotating Rack
  • Floor pan & Tank Incline
  • LED Light

High Washing Capacity
Utensil Washer TACT

  • Cleaning nozzles are located on the top, bottom, and sides.
    The rack rotates during cleaning, increasing washing ability.
    This creates a more even wash.
  • The tank is sloped and has rounded corners to prevent wastewater and dirt from accumulating.
  • Rotating Rack
  • Tank Incline

Compact Type
Utensil Washer ECONO

  • This convenient washer can wash everything from tongs and trays to mixer bowls.
  • There is a faucet within the machine, meaning it can be used in place of a sink.
  • Rotating Nozzles
  • Faucet

Various utensils washing
Utensil Washer Hz N

Hz N
  • Removing even stubborn dirt like sticky rice.
  • Suitable for washing computer scales.
  • Washing powerfully with rotating & vibrating spray nozzles.
  • Rotating Nozzles
  • Vibrating Nozzles

Large objects washing
Utensil Washer Hz NL

  • Washing powerfully with rotating & vibrating spray nozzles.
  • Applicable to wash large size or large amount of objects.
  • Rotating Nozzles
  • Vibrating Nozzles

We offer an extensive range of washing machines optimized for what you need to wash.
Please feel free to contact us!

Rack & Basket (Option)

Wide range of racks and baskets suitable for varied washing objects.

For example, if you want to wash…

  • Mixer Bowls
  • Mixer Whisks
  • Paste/Cream Machine Parts
  • Tongs
  • Computer Scale Parts
  • Slicer Parts
  • Cutting Boards
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Stainless Steel Bowls
  • Rice Ball Mould Parts
  • Filling Machine Parts
  • Trays
  • Buckets
  • etc…

Comparison in efficiency between hand washing and machine washing

Effect of introducing a washing machine

Hand Washing Machine Washing


  • Time, which
    varies from
    person to person

Is now constant!

  • Washing timeis
    as long as you
    set it


  • 40 degrees or
    normal temperature
  • Neutral detergent
    for rough skin
  • Remaining some

High power

  • High temperature
    (60-80 degree)
  • High power
  • Removing
    residues well

Water Consumption Cost

  • Depending on
    a labor or

Cost reduction

  • Water consumption
    is fixed
    It saves
    wasting water

When you compare washing instruments by machine vs by hand…

(Comparison of washing rice ball moulding parts using the utensil washer Kagayaki*)

Wash Time

By Hand

40% reduction


By Hand

Utensil Washer

Water consumption

By Hand

70% reduction


By Hand

Utensil Washer


Installing a washing machine allows for a drastic reduction in washing time and water consumption.

* Comparisons based on actual on-site measurements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have
any questions or concerns about CREO’s utensil washers.