Washing Machine Cleaning

CREO refers to machines that automate the process of washing and rinsing as “washing machines” or “washers”.
The operator of the machine simply places the items to be washed in a set position and removes them when finished.
There are also lines where the operator simply puts the item in the set position and the machine does everything else, including storing the item after washing is complete.

The Benefits of Machine Washing

① Saves Labor

Having the machine do what workers would normally do saves labor.
Machines also use less water than when washing is performed by hand. (*1)

② Optimization and Maintenance of T.A.C.T.

Washing is performed by a separate machine, allowing for the use of hot water and strong detergents.
The use of mechanical forces also improves the balance of T.A.C.T. .
Since the work is performed by a machine, this balance is maintained over a long period of time. (*2)

③ Continuous, High-Volume Processing

Continuous operation while maintaining T.A.C.T. balance is what machines are best at.
Machines allow for continuous, high-volume processing.

(*1) Depends on conditions. Check with your sales representative.
(*2) Machine performance depends on regular maintenance. (Maintenance is performed in Japan only.)

  Manual Washing Machine Washing
T (Time) Checking the clock while washing…? Set the time on the machine. Washes for a fixed amount of time
A (Agitation) Uses elbow grease to scrub with a brush or sponge vs. Determined by pump nozzle water volume and pressure, shape, number, and direction of nozzles, and pump capacity
C (Chemical Action) Uses undiluted or diluted neutral or weak alkaline detergent 状Uses the ideal detergent for the circumstances at a concentration set by the machine
T (Temperature) Uses hot water around 40℃ or room-temperature water 60-80℃
Results It tend to be uneven depending on the worker and lot Results are the same, no matter who operates the machine

The machine specifications are also the T.A.C.T. settings.

Leave your washing machines and detergents to
The CREO Co., Ltd.

Is your washing machine operation normally?
Is detergent being supplied properly?

The checkpoints for washing performed by a washing machine are the action of the washing machine itself and the action of the detergent.

We offer a combination of the two

We inspect and adjust both of these jobs
Leave it to The CREO Co., Ltd., which has both washing machines and detergents.

The CREO Co., Ltd. checks the following items during visits to its users and fills out a washing machine inspection report along with special remarks for the user to verify.

The washing machine is checked for the sound of the pump, whether the wash/rinse nozzle is clogged, whether there are leaks, and more.

  1. ① Check operation sound and spray
  2. ② Check for leaks
  3. ③ Check the detergent supply device during operation
  4. ④ Check the washing temperature, rinsing temperature, and drying temperature during operation
  5. ⑤ Check condition of washed containers and utensils

Grime builds up within the washing machine.
Is the inside of your machine clean?
We also offer ways to clean the inside of washing machines.

Scale deposits and bacteria growth on scale

Scale deposits and bacteria growth on scale

Organic grime in the dryer

Organic grime in the dryer

CREO will verify what you are washing, the level of grime, the amount you need to wash, and on-site conditions, then provide the optimal washing machine for you.

*Detergent sales and maintenance are performed in Japan only.