Grime and Detergent

Various types of detergents are available, all with different properties.
Select a detergent based on your purpose and the kind of grime you are fighting.

Types of Grime Types of Detergent
Organic Grime Starch
Alkaline Detergent
Inorganic Grime Mud & Sand Neutral Detergent
Scale Acidic Detergent

Types of Detergents and Their Properties

○ Alkaline Detergent

Contains substances called alkali builders (such as caustic soda), surfactants, chelating agents, and dispersants.
Each of these plays an important role in cleaning, and their combined strength removes organic grime.
There are several types of alkaline detergents for different purposes, such as those containing chlorine.

○ Acidic Detergent

Broadly speaking, there are two types of acidic detergents: nitric acid-based and phosphoric acid-based.

○ Neutral Detergent

Mainly surfactants. The properties of the detergent differ depending on the type of surfactant used.
Their main role is to aid physical cleaning methods, such as cleaning with a brush or sponge.

Selecting a detergent requires consideration of conditions at the site, such as what is being washed, the state of grime, and other surrounding circumstances.

CREO will verify conditions at your factory and propose the optimal cleaning method for your site.

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