The 7 S’s of Food Factory Sanitation

The 7 S’s, which add the scrubbing and sterilization required in food factories to the conventional 5 S’s

  1. Sort: Reduce inventory, eliminate waste
  2. Set in Order: Improve work efficiency, prevent accidents and misuse
  3. Shine: Improve working environments, increase energy efficiency, control insects and rodents
  4. Standardize: Maintain freshness of food, personal hygiene (* Standard cleanliness at the microbiological level)
  5. Sustain: Increase productivity, improve quality
  6. Scrub: Beautify the inside of the factory plant interior, prevent cross-contamination
  7. Sterilization: Prevent food poisoning and cross-contamination

Consider the 7 S’s at Food Factories!

Putting the 7 S’s into practice requires careful consideration of the individual circumstances at each factory.
CREO will verify conditions at your factory
and provide the optimal solution for your site.
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