Cleanliness Container Washer,
Born From Our Total Sanitisation Concept.

Control panel with touch screen
Present operating conditions can be seen in one glance at the panel display. Temperature adjustment of washing tank can also be operated on the panel.
Speed control by freq. inverter
Equipped with freq. inverter as standard, capable of easy motor-rotation adjustment.
More reliable washing can be done by freely adjusting the conveyor speed corresponding to the degree of contamination.
Clip-on nozzle
It is easily cleanable even if clogged, as it is easily detachable without tool.
Drawer type strainer and tank
The machine can always be kept clean by virtue of the fact that the strainer is easily detachable.
Hygienic management for washing is possible, because water temperature in washing tank is always retained at a constant temperature.


Model Name SDC115 SDC215
Attitude of container when loading Upside down Upside down
Max. processing capacity (units/hour) 300-600 600-1000
Dimensions of main body Length (mm) 3260 4660
Depth (mm) 1405 1405
Height (mm) 1815 1815
Total electric capacity
3-phase 200V (kW)
4.15 7.85
Motor capacity (kW) Washing pump no.1 3.7 3.7
Washing pump no.2 3.7
Rinsing pump 0.25 0.25
Conveyor drive 0.2 0.2
Washing tank capacity (L) 270 465
Water consumption (L/min) 20 20
Steam consumption (*1) (kg/h at 0.3Mpa) 130 150
Evacuation (*2) (m3/min) 25 25
Permissible container size
Max. (mm) 700×500×300 700×500×300
Min. (mm) 300×300×50 300×300×50
Utilities tie-in
points with primary side
Water supply, by union 25A×1 25A×1
Steam supply, by flange 25A×1 25A×1
Drainge from tank, by tee joint 40A×2 40A×3
Evacuation, by flange 550×120 (2 places) 550×120 (2 places)
Electricity Interconnection terminals in control box Interconnection terminals in control box

(*1) Steam consumption differs depending on usage conditions. Contact us for more information.

(*2) Install exhaust air treatment with 90% relative humidity or more to allow for steam production.

* Dimensions, specifications, appearance, and other aspects of the product may be changed for improvement purposes.